CP Project in Russia

After several years of detailed marketing research and analysis CPF has made a strategic decision to open an affiliated company in Russia. The favorable investment climate, stability of the national currency (ruble), favourable growth rate of the economy, and also good prospects for development in agro-industy have played the basic part in making up of this decision. As a result, in September, 2006 a wholly-owned subsidiary of CPF named "Charoen Pokphand Foods (Overseas)" LLC was registered in Moscow, Russia. The main scope of the company's activities will center on own agricultural manufacturing, as well as export-import operations.

In December 2006 the company has acquired 12 objects of real estate and about 7 hectares of land near Moscow for the development of its project. Among the objects are: an existing agricultural complex with its own railway branch line, warehouses, production shops, an administrative office building, etc. The deal's amount is not announced. Thus "Charoen Pokphand Foods (Overseas)" LLC became the first Thai company to purchase not only real estate but also land in Russia.
In 2009 LLC "CPFO" finished the construction of high-tech feed mill with the capacity of 600 tons per shift, the feed mill that had no similarities in Russia, that produces ecologically safe animal feeds for agricultural animals – 'prestarter' and 'starter', having the grains for production only from reliable suppliers.

In time the company range of activities grew wider and in August of 2007 there was open the Moscow branch, that made it possible to effectively manage the sea and fish products movement from Thailand into Russia and also – the supplies of the famous Thai organic rice.

In 2010 in the Moscow region, Lukhovitsy district LLC "CPFO" completed the investment project bound with swine complex construction – dedicated to fattening of 20 800 heads of swine – of one-time confinement and also – complex designed for 2 400 heads of parental stock sows, that had its parental stock imported from Finland.

Having applied its rich experience in pig business and new technologies, CPFO proved its Top quality products on the Russian market and the company' pork is in great demand in spite of high level of competitiveness in the Central Russia.

Besides the company actively partakes in the Kaluga region agricultural activities, having constructed two modern swine complexes (breeding and fattening) and at the time being the construction of the 3rd swine complex dedicated to growing and fattening – is also finished successfully started its operation supplying citizens with top quality pork.

Moreover, in 2013 CPFO expanded its pig business projects in Russia by taking of the famous Danish-Finish company in Kaliningrad region, which conducts pig and animal feed processing business. At the same time the company has purchased 2 000 hectares land plot in Moscow region for further cultivation and started to collect own land bank.

At present time a daughter company of "CPFO" with a sounding Russian name "CPF Agro" is successfully developing the investment project in Serebryaniye Prudi area of Moscow region and this summer plans the soft opening of the fattening complex of 26,400 heads of pigs – of one-time confinement and also – a breeding nucleus designed for 2 400 sows, - the facilities that are to be equipped by "Big Dutchman". The project participates in the state program "National project" 2013. The company extends its activity as the vertically-integrated holding, established 3 branches, carefully plans to start the meat processing plant' project in 2014 and later poultry business as well.
NanoShield's Story
NanoShield & Royal Ace is one of the few Thai Companies which was established based on Self Acquired Technology. Successful organization of the company as well as the progressive research and development undertaken continually over the past few years with close cooperation from our Russian partners are the key factors that have kept us operating successfully to the very present day. Now we are the only Thai-owned business firm in Thailand that deals with PVD Hard Coating /Thin Film Technology for Surface Engineering application.

Our strength is always in our technology and the technology we have further developed has its root in Russia. In 1960s when USSR and USA were competing with each another in space research, a new compound called Titanium Nitride (TiN) - a hard coating with gold like color, was developed in a lab in the Soviet Union. From that day on other hard coating preparations and coating machines have been developed and the technology spread into many industries, such as tools & dies, hard disk drives, automotive, semiconductors, optical industry, and many others all over the world.

At present NanoShield has an agreement with D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute in St.Petersburg as the Institute's representative to pass on its technology to Thailand, South-East Asia, Japan and China.

Our history begins with Russia and our future will go on with Russia.

NanoShield PVDTitanium Coating

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On November 25, 2012 the Russian ministry of ecology and natural resources in collaboration with the ministry of economic development and the state press agency "RIA NEWS" has organized the ecological marathon, and finally the international jury called "Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL" as the winner and awarded with the grand prix".
The Russian daughter company- Charoen Pokphand Foods (Overseas) also received a great recognition of international ecologists, having been awarded with certificates "100% Eco-quality" and became 1-st animal feed and pig producer, holding this International ecologists recognition of Top quality products.These certificates have been issued to a number of products of CP Group: feedstuff for agricultural animals, rice, shrimps and shrimp' products, fish fillet and also pork products.
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