Thai-Russian Trade

Trade and economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Thailand
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According to the Federal customs service of Russia, in 2013 the trade turnover amounted to $ 3357,3 million US dollars (the growth rate of 99.3% compared to 2012), while Russian exports amounted to $ 1273,6 million US dollars (the growth rate of 90.3%), and imports $ 2083,6 million US dollars (growth rate - to 106.0%).
In January-June 2014 the trade turnover between Russia and Thailand amounted to $ 1877,8 million US dollars (growth rate - 111,0 % compared to the same period in 2013), while Russian exports amounted to $734,8 million US dollars (growth rate - 114,1%), and imports $1143,0 million US dollars (growth rate - 109,2%).
Trade turnover between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Thailand in2009-2014
(According to the Federal customs service of Russia,) in million dollars USA
The main goods of the Russian export to Thailand in 2013 are:
mineral products - 44,1%,
chemical products - 24,8%,
metals and products from them to 18.6%.

The import structure formed:
machinery, equipment and vehicles 61,7%;
chemical products 13.6 %;
food products and agricultural raw materials 10,7%;
pearls, precious stones, metals 5.3%,
textiles and articles thereof 4,1%.

In January-June 2014 the basis of Russian exports to Thailand was formed with: mineral products (share in Russian exports 75,5%); metals and products from them (13,6%); chemical products (9.4 %); wood and pulp and paper products (1,0%).
The basic position of the Russian import from Thailand and their share in this period are: machinery, equipment and vehicles (65.8%); chemical products, rubber (12,3%); food products and agricultural raw materials (9,3%); pearls, precious stones and metals (4.9 per cent), textiles and footwear (3,1%).
Trade in services between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Thailandin2009-2014
(According to the bank of Russia,) in million dollars USA
Mechanisms for deepening of the international cooperation

Major role in the development of communication tools with Thailand plays a Intergovernmental Russian-Thai Commission on bilateral cooperation, its fifth session was held on March 29, 2013 in Moscow
By Order of The Government of The Russian Federation of July 21, 2012 No. 1329-R the Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation D.V. Manturov was appointed as the Chairman of the Russian part of the Commission.
In the framework of the Intergovernmental Commission, there are two sub - sub-Commission on trade and economic cooperation and the Subcommittee on cooperation in the sphere of agriculture.
There were established and functioning of the Russian-Thai and Thai-Russian Business Councils. The Russian-Thai business Council (RTBC) has been operational since October 2006. Currently among members of the RTBC are registered about 40 Russian companies.
Thai-Russian business Council was established in November 2007. It was composed of the Board of trade of Thailand, the Federation of industry of Thailand and the Association of bankers of Thailand, as well as representatives of state structures and business circles of the country.

Promising areas of cooperation

Promising aspects of cooperation are in the field of energy, in particular the resumption of activities in the framework of the strategic cooperation Agreement between OAO 'GAZPROM' and the largest Thai oil and gas Corporation "PTT Public company Ltd".
โ€ข Cooperation in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, including in third countries.
โ€ข Exchange of experience in the field of energy saving and development of alternative energy sources.

The Department of Asia and Africa of the Ministry of Economic Developmentof Russia
Photo: Interview for Thai mass media of the Russian Ambassador Kirill Barsky, minister of agriculture and cooperatives Peetipong Puengboon Na Ayuthaya and President and CEO CPF company Adirek Sripratak

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