Rights & duties

Rights of Members
  • to receive assistance and support in connection with the objectives of the Chamber of Commerce where possible;
  • to give advice or recommendation to the Chamber of Commerce or the Executive Committee in any matter within the scope of the objectives of the Chamber of Commerce so as to bring development and prosperity to the Chamber of Commerce
  • to examine activities and properties of the Chamber of Commerce by giving a letter to the Executive Secretary (Director) or a Committee Member acting on behalf of the Executive Secretary (Director);
  • to attend a meeting in order to exchange views and opinions with the Executive Committee Members and propose a motion to the General Meeting of Members;
  • to wear a badge of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • in the case of being an Ordinary Member, to vote in the General Meeting of Members and to be elected as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • information on potential business partners in Russia and Thailand;
  • free access to our database on Russian companies and to other information regarding market conditions and Government regulations in trade, investment and other areas of economic activity;
  • participation in seminars, meetings and other interesting events with delegations of Russian businessmen and officials visiting Thailand;
  • participation in business trips to Russia;
  • dissemination of commercial offers and inquiries from and to its Members;
  • assistance in arranging negotiations (incl. translation) and preparation of documents;
  • information on exhibitions and assistance in participation;
  • assistance in arranging showrooms for products of its Members;
  • use of TRTA infrastructure.
Duties of Members
  • to strictly comply, with honesty, with these Articles, resolutions of the General Meeting of Members, resolutions of the Executive Committee, and duties assigned by the Chamber of Commerce;
  • to maintain integrity and benefits of the Chamber of Commerce and also keep confidential any matters discussed in a meeting or internal procedures of the Chamber of Commerce and not disclose any information which may result in causing damage to the Chamber of Commerce;
  • to support activities of the Chamber of Commerce to gain prosperity and progress;
  • to keep unity among members and assist each other in trading activities with honesty;
  • to pay an annual fee when due;
  • to notify the Executive Secretary (Director) in writing within 7 days in the case that any member changes its first name, last name, nationality or changes address, moves office, changes business activities or replaces its representative.
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