TRCC President Honors Outgoing Iranian Embassy Representative at BRICS Confederation Farewell Dinner

Bangkok, July 3, 2024 – The Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce celebrated a noteworthy farewell dinner on July 2, 2024, at the Pacific Club in Bangkok for M. Soltani, the departing representative of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The dinner was organized by the Confederation of BRICS Chambers of Commerce in Thailand.

During the event, Mr. Vitaly Kiselev, President of the Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce and current Chairman of the Confederation, honored Mr. Soltani with a commemorative plaque, recognizing his efforts in strengthening international ties and cooperation within the BRICS community.

The gathering highlighted Mr. Soltani's role in enhancing diplomatic and economic engagements among BRICS nations, underscoring the ongoing importance of the Confederation in promoting international trade and investment.

The Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce wishes Mr. Soltani success in his future endeavors and appreciates his dedication to fostering international relations.

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