Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce Members Participate in Meet Up Event Celebrating World Bicycle Day

Members of the Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce recently participated in a vibrant Meet Up event on June 3, 2024, focusing on the significance of World Bicycle Day. The event, held both indoors and outdoors, commenced at Cafe' Velodome in Bangkok.

The gathering started with an introduction to the importance of World Bicycle Day and the unveiling of several members of BUCA (Bangkok Urban Cycling Alliance). The alliance discussed its mission and the integration of cycling into urban planning. The attendees explored past and future advocacy strategies and introduced the #ThankYouForCycling campaign, aimed at thanking daily bicycle users for choosing a more sustainable mode of transportation over personal vehicles, given the current road conditions and infrastructure.

In the afternoon, participants embarked on a journey to various key locations involved in policy-making and urban traffic management, promoting the #ThankYouForGivingWay campaign. Starting from the Bangkok City Hall, the route included the Government House, the Parliament, the Royal Thai Police Headquarters, and concluded at the Embassy of the Netherlands.

This event not only highlighted the ongoing efforts to integrate cycling into daily life and urban infrastructure but also showcased the commitment of the Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce members towards sustainable practices and eco-friendly transportation alternatives.